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Between late September and late March, Northern Norway is dark from early afternoon until late morning, and the northern lights frequently soar across the sky. Our bold claim is that this part of Norway, with its multiple islands, deep fjords and steep mountains, is among the most beautiful and interesting places to see the northern lights The northern lights are influenced by activity on the sun, and strong solar winds increase and intensify the northern lights. The northern lights are therefore always present. Historically, the chances of seeing the northern lights are best viewed in Northern Norway between October and March, because the polar night makes them easier to see When to See the Northern Lights in Norway As Norway stretches from the 55th to the 80th latitudes, there is quite an amount of variance between when seasons change in northern and southern Norway. Spring starts earlier and summer lasts longer in southern Norway; autumn is shorter and winter lasts longer in northern Norway

The North Cape is the most northern point in all of Europe, so when it comes to seeing the Northern Lights in Norway, well you can't go any further! This is without a doubt one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Norway and when we seen the lights here, it was an amazing show. We saw pinks, greens, purples, all with the naked eye Lapland is the best place to see the Northern Lights in Norway. It covers about the entire northern area of the country, and here, less solar activity (and therefore less KP) is required to see the Aurora Where Hurtigruten sails in northern Norway is directly beneath the Auroral Zone, an area of consistent auroral activity. 2. Of the 34 ports we visit from Bergen to Kirkenes, 22 are north of the Arctic Circle, giving you plenty of opportunity to see the Northern Lights. 3 When to see the Northern Lights in Norway Due to the location of Lyngen Lodge in the Lyngen Alps of northern Norway, the highest success rates for seeing the Northern Lights come in the period November to March. Months of clear skies can mean regular appearances of the multi-coloured lights dancing across the sky

See the Northern Lights, husky dogs, reindeer, whales and more in Arctic Norway Come see the Northern Lights with us on our tours which run from September to April. Below you will find links to all of our award winning 4 and 5 night package trips as well as our photography workshops, special 7 night package tours and family half term holidays The Northern Lights are most often seen in the Lapland regions of Finland, Sweden and Norway along with Iceland and Greenland. But during high activity, auroras are often visible from much lower latitudes, often including Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Estonia and more Auroras can still be spotted south of about 50° latitude during the summer. Statistically, the equinox months of September and March are best for aurora activity. The winter months of October-thru-February are also good (there is definitely no shortage of darkness!)

Located in the middle of the Northern Lights Oval, Varanger is ideally situated for some great Northern Lights activity on clear nights. The topography is fairly flat as Varanger is located on the Arctic coast, over tundra and taiga. Varanger is also listed as one of the top 100 birdwatching locations in the world. You can take a tour to spot rare birds almost all winter long Northern Lights in Norway To see the northern lights in Norway, we recommend positioning yourself as further north as possible. We stayed in Tromsø and took a few days trips from there to try and hunt for the aurora. Most people go to the Lofoten islands in Norway in search of the northern lights Your base for this Northern Lights activity week is a truly unique Husky Lodge, lovingly built by hand over many years. It's a stunning place. It is also home to between 50 and 60 Alaskan Husky sled dogs, highly trained for long-distance racing, expeditions, and tours. You will get to know them throughout the week

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  1. The Aurora forecast is provided using the SvalTrackII software developed by Prof. Fred Sigernes at the University Centre in Svalbard operated Kjell Henriksen Observatory. Information about the service is found here. Details about the service are also published in Journal for Space Weather and Space Climate, and can be downloaded here
  2. The northern light appears in a belt, or an oval, which is situated above the Earth in a regular position in relation to the sun. The lights will usually be visible over mainland Northern Norway during the night and over Svalbard during the daytime. When solar activity increases, the northern lights can also be seen further south in Norway
  3. Northern Lights and shooting stars in the Westfjords, Iceland 9. The closest the Northern Lights ever come to Earth is 80 kilometers above the surface. The Northern Lights often appear to shoot out of mountains like lava out of a volcano, yet it's all just an optical illusion
  4. When the well known British actress Joanna Lumley visited Tromsø and Northern Norway in 2008, she saw several powerful and magical outbreaks of the Northern Lights even though it was a year with low solar activity. Strong Northern Lights activity generally occurs approximately every 27 days. This is due to the fact that the Northern Lights are strongest when an active area on the surface of.

Northern Lights Experience Few sights are as beautifully majestic as the captivating Northern Lights. Caused by powerful solar winds, these breathtaking natural lightshows are best seen during the winter months The Northern Lights in Norway depend on solar activity. Our sun goes through a cycle that determines its two states—Solar Maximum and Solar Minimum. This cycle lasts 11 years, and the Northern Lights are more prevalent through Solar Maximum when there is highest solar activity There are a few prime spots for spotting the northern lights in Norway, and they are: Tromsø; Kirkenes; The Lofoten Islands; North Cape (Nordkapp) Svalbard; Tromsø. Tromsø is known as 'the capital of the Arctic', and just so happens to be one of the best places in the world to view the northern lights. This small city is effortlessly charming, and makes for pretty viewing in the daytime. From September to the end of March, you can see and experience the Northern Lights with us - join our guide and hunt for the aurora. During to the aurora and weather forecast our guides take you to the best spot to see the northern lights. If you are interested in the Northern Lights and local history our trips will be perfect for you

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You can stay overnight in Ice hotels, Gamme cabins & mountain lodges as well as join an amazing Northern Lights cruise. You can join adventurous activities such as Dog sledding, Snowmobile safari, Reindeer sledge, King crab fishing & an exciting Viking feast! • Read about the Northern Lights • Read about Norway. We offer a large selection of amazing Northern Lights tours & cruises, with exciting activities In northern Norway, northern lights activity is strongest between mid October to early April. Auroras can only be seen at night if the sky is clear and there is solar activity. Please note that sightings cannot be guaranteed. For more information about northern lights, please refer to the travel guide The northern lights season begins in late September and continues through late March. However, the best time to see this magical spectacle in Norway is during the darkest period between December and January. Though winter darkness often allows one to see the lights 24 hours long, the famous aurora borealis appears mostly at night. Tromsø . Tromsø, the center of municipality of Troms og.

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Northern lights in Norway Lying north of the Arctic circle within the severe waters of the Norwegian sea, the Lofoten archipelago is known for its wild nature, majestic mountains, deep fjords, noisy bird settlements, the purest water and long sandy beaches. These lands were the habitat for Vikings and they still have some evidence of their life Staying in a Northern Lights hotel in Norway is one of the best ways to enjoy this natural wonder.. Norway is one of the best countries to see the Northern Lights thanks to its proximity, accessibility, and climate. Because of this, many hotels specialize in offering experiences focused entirely on the Aurora Borealis. If the main goal of your trip is to see the Northern Lights in Norway, I. That said, chasing the northern lights isn't the easiest activity. It requires an understanding of how the aurora works, heading to the right places, and being there at the right time. And as always, you'll need a bit of luck One of the best places in the world to catch the lights is Norway. Thanks to its proximity to the North Pole and the country's isolated regions, thousands of. In Norway your chances of seeing the northern lights are greatest between September and April, with October through March being the best months. To be able to see the lights clearly, you need a dark night sky, which means the summer months are largely ruled out, as, during this season, the sun may not set at all in northern areas of Norway

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Although northern Norway offers the best sightings of the Northern Lights, it is also possible to catch the lights in the southern cities of Bergen and Oslo. Find a viewing spot in one of the cities or travel out to one or two of Norway's many fjords and with sheer luck, the Northern Lights will show themselves • Kirkenes offers ideal conditions for watching the amazing Northern Lights • You can stay in an exotic Snow Hotel, a tiny Gamme chalet as well as a regular hotel in the town • You can join exciting activities such as Dog sledding, Snow mobile safari as well as King crab fishing Read about the Northern Lights Countries such as Iceland, Norway, Finland, Russia (Siberia), and Northern Canada are all known to be Aurora hotspots. It is important to note that the Northern Lights usually peak and trough in an 11-year cycle. 2017 was considered the peak - the point at which the frequency of light displays is the highest Live Aurora Cameras, Northern Lights cams, Live Stream the Northern lights, in Iceland, Norway, and Alaska! Watch our Alaska Camera of our cams below, if you want access to more cams and alerts, you can also download our app for mobile Become a Member of our website to get unlimited access to all 13 of our live cams on our memebers only page! A one time fee of £4.99. A rolling example of all.

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The northern lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are more frequently seen during the winter season in Norway. As featured in an article, Tromso/Tromsø stands right in the middle of the so-called Northern Lights Belt. This belt has the ideal latitude for enjoying the sights of the northern lights. Aside from Tromsø , the Lofoten Islands also boast of a great viewing place for the aurora. Over the last 10 years we have scouted many locations and witnessed some stunning northern lights displays across Europe in Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Over that time, one of the most important things that we have learned as Aurora Chasers is the need to maximise your chances and increase your odds of seeing the northern lights During average activity levels, auroral displays will be overhead at high northern or southern latitudes. Places like Fairbanks, Alaska; Dawson City, Yukon; Yellowknife, NWT; Gillam, Manitoba; the southern tip of Greenland; Reykjavik, Iceland; Tromsø, Norway; and the northern coast of Siberia all offer a good chance to view the aurora overhead

northern lights camera norway! live streaming aurora cam norway! if you want access to more cams and alerts, you can also download our app for mobile become a member of our website to get unlimited access to all 13 of our live cams on our memebers only page for a one time fee of £4.9 The darker the background, the more magnificent the aurora lights will be. In practice, in northern Norway, Iceland, Greenland & Finland, you need to plan your Northern Lights tour between the period starting at the beginning of September and extending until the middle of April Luckily, there is a benefit of being closer to the solar minimum - it means that the lights can actually be more predictable. In the solar maximum, the sun is more active, leading to northern lights that are caused by solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). However, these auroras are sudden and short-lived

Book activity; en. no; de; Marina Boat trips RIB excursions Sommarøy Laukvik Laukvik Sea view Boats Fishing Midnight Sun Fjord cruise Tromsø-Sommarøy Midnight Sun Summit ski climbs Holiday accommodation Northern lights Laukvik Fishing Apartments with private sauna Ski touring long weekend package Experience the Pearl of Senja, in Laukvik, Northern Norway. FISHING. ACTIVITIES. ACCOMMODATIONS. Norway is undoubtedly the best place for seeing the northern lights in Scandinavia, especially if you want to capture the aurora dancing above spectacular fjords and waterfalls. However, Sweden and Finland are both great options if you want to see the northern lights on a smaller budget 'The city of the Northern Lights' Indeed, Alta is known as 'the city of the Northern Lights' and given the stable climate and minimal light pollution (particularly when heading out into the surrounding wilderness), the Aurora has been known to be seen here for up to 200 nights a year

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Polar Cabin is a perfect place for outdoor activities, observing Northern Lights in winter or just relaxing, reading books, listening to birds singing and enjoying nature. Suitable for couples, families, group of friends or small groups searching for something extraordinary. The place is very private, quiet and non-touristic. Breathe the nature of Northern Norway and just feel cosy and. The oval expands when Northern Lights activity is at its strongest. The Northern Lights Oval extends through Northern Norway, the northern parts of Sweden and Finland, through Siberia, Alaska and northern Canada and then on to southern Greenland and Iceland. Your best chance of seeing the Northern Lights is in this area. However, many of these areas are sparsely populated or uninhabited and. Northern Lights in Norway There are various places in Norway where you can witness the spectacular Northern Lights, but Svalbard is the best of them all. Since its location is so hideously north, the island registers aurora activity with only a slight whiff of geomagnetic activities

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North Norway Winter Adventure We welcome you to experience and explore a unique area with attractions such as the Northern Lights, the Hurtigruten cruise, sea eagles and breathtaking beauty on this North Norway holiday. This tour starts in Tromsø, a city also referred to the Gateway to the Arctic, with the most Northern Lights in the world Northern Lights Adventure with Greenlander, 8 people max 292 Reviews Embark on an adventurous Northern Lights chase in Northern Norway aboard a Land Rover Defender. With a professional photographer as a guide and a smal

Norway is known for its friendly locals, beautiful landscapes, and, of course, the northern lights! There are plenty of opportunities for northern lights holidays in Norway! Many tours begin in Oslo, a lively city which occasionally sees glimpses of the lights, and continue to Tromso, where gorgeous northern lights displays are common Predicting Visibility of the Northern Lights . How often the northern lights are visible depends on where you are trying to see them. In locations nearer the Arctic Circle, like Tromsø and at the North Cape of Norway, you can see the northern lights every other clear night, if not even more frequently. On the other hand, you may only see them two or three times a month in more southern locations like central and southern Sweden a UNIQUE Northern lights OPPORTUNITY. tours and photography workshops dictated by Kjetil Skogli combined with a stay in one of the most beautiful lodges in northern Norway will make an experience of a lifetime. In addition, unique activities such as Dog Sledding and Snowmobiling through the Lyngen Alps will complete your stay and make it a true Arctic adventure. Its only you and you're. That is why the Northern Lights season is during winter and hunting the lights is a night-time activity. The further you get away from the city lights, the better your chances of seeing them. Standing in the vast and rugged nature away from the distracting lights also makes the experience so much better, authentic and natural

Enjoy a traditional Sami stew and a hot drink to keep warm, and then head outdoors to try to see the bright Northern Lights before the night ends. Northern Lights and reindeer-sledding adventure in Tromso Take a ride on a sled pulled by reindeers Stop to feed the reindeers under specific supervision from your guid A lot of people come to SpaceWeatherLive to follow the Sun's activity or if there is aurora to be seen, but with more traffic comes higher server costs. Consider a donation if you enjoy SpaceWeatherLive so we can keep the website online! 37% . Donate . Check out our merchandise. Latest alerts . Tweets by @_SpaceWeather_. Follow @_SpaceWeather_. Get instant alerts! Space weather facts. Last X. If you are lucky, you may even see the Northern Lights while you are relaxing in the warm water. Day 3: Start the day slowly with a long and relaxing breakfast. Afterwards you can use snowshoes, skis or simply go on a walk to discover your surroundings. Alternatively, book one of the extra activities That's why the Nordic region is the best place to see the northern lights. Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Svalbard all lie within or near the Arctic Circle. In fact, Iceland and the northern regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland are located within the aurora zone. Also known as the northern lights belt, this is a latitudinal band between 65-72°N where high auroral.

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Marvel at the northern lights in Norway. Relish a scrumptious dinner. View details. Reviews. Northern lights evening cruise SKA. Posted on: 2018/01/20 | SKA. Read more. Overview. Tromso. 4 hour(s) Available Daily. English. Pick-up not available . Dinner. Accessible. What to expect. Set sail aboard a catamaran and revel in the unobstructed view of the night sky on this northern lights tour in. Inntravel's Top 5 places which offer the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights this winter, in Norway and Finland. The aurora borealis is awe-inspiring. It's an elusive phenomenon, so its appearance is especially magical. Here's how best to see the Northern Lights. Website cookies Besides essential cookies, if you agree, we'd like to set optional ones that remember your wishlist for. The Northern Lights are notoriously hard to predict, even in Tromso. So it makes sense to increase your chances of a sighting by joining a guided excu Read more. 8 hours. By: Wandering Owl. Popular: Booked by 2,635 travellers! from $226.88. Book Now. Small Group Northern Lights Chase from Tromso. 329 Reviews. Head out of Tromso with a guide who knows the best places to see the Northern.

Published: 11 May 2020 Author: Ronan Gay Northern Lights Winter; When now Aurora, daughter of the dawn, With rosy lustre purpled o'er the lawn. Updated for the 2021/2022 season - to ensure you have a strong chance of spotting the celestial ballet, we've put together a list of the top destinations based on regularity, quality and accessibility The coast of Norway is often rated as one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Discover the full range of this natural treasure on our 12-day round trip voyage. Call on 34 ports, sail world-famous fjords and encounter unforgettable scenery along the way. Learn from complementary lectures and onboard activities from our Hurtigruten Guides and choose from 90 exciting optional excursions With its northern provinces extending deep into the Arctic Circle, Canada offers some fantastic locations to see the northern lights in wilderness locations. Combine a host of thrilling winter activities with picturesque snow-covered scenery and Canadian hospitality. With options in both The Yukon and Alberta, combine with a longer tailor made holiday in Canada

Northern Lights Short Break to Norway. Witness the extraordinary phenomena of the 'Northern Lights' on a short break to Norway flying direct to Tromso. By night, enjoy the lively atmosphere of the world's most northerly university town and sample fresh fish dishes in one of the many local restaurants Northern Norway Troms og Finnmark TROMS Ø. Star Walk - night snowshoeing activity. Book / km From You; www.wanderingowl.com; info@wanderingowl.com; Map; Category: Attraction & Culture; Back to results. Book; Book; Overview. This description is not available in your language. Click here to read it in English Close description. Small-group all-inclusive snowshoeing activity through the Arctic. The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon that can paint the night sky with unearthly, surreal color. To observers at far-northern latitudes, they're a frequent occurrence, but many who live in more temperate climates have never seen them, even though they're sometimes seen as far south as 35 degrees north latitude While in northern Norway, Hurtigruten sails directly beneath the Auroral Zone, and area of consistent auroral activity. Of the 34 ports we visit from Bergen to Kirkenes, 22 are north of the Arctic Circle , offering plenty of opportunity to see the Northern Lights

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The Tromso Northern Lights break was a great trip although we weren't lucky enough to see the lights themselves on this occasion! The guide tried his best as we were out for over 8 hours and even went into Finland but the weather was just too overcast. I knew it was not guaranteed before going so I'll have to do another trip to see them. The hotel in Tromso was good and centrally located with. Aurora australis from the ISS, 2017.Video of this encounter: An aurora (plural: auroras or aurorae), sometimes referred to as polar lights (aurora polaris), northern lights (aurora borealis), or southern lights (aurora australis), is a natural light display in the Earth's sky, predominantly seen in high-latitude regions (around the Arctic and Antarctic) Why is Alta a good Northern Lights destination? Right below the Northern Lights Firstly, given Alta's geographic location, the Northern Lights Oval is virtually always directly above (zenith) or just north of the town. Stabile climate Secondly, Alta has an extremely stable climate. In winter, the days are normally cold and the sky cloudless - and clear skies are essential for spotting the Northern Lights. For instance, in 2009 Alta had just 410 mm of precipitation, something which few.

All seasons and Activities from Tromsø Safari Midnight Sun, Polar Nights & Northern Lights. The arctic summer is nature's own way of celebrating light, with 24 hours of sunlight from the 18.May to the 25.July we can safely call Tromsø the capital of the midnight sun. The polar night reigns in the winter from November to the end of. Fewer solar storms mean that the Northern Lights activity this season has been lower than in many years. This season has been weaker than the previous ones, says solar scientist Pål Brekke at the Norwegian Space Center (Norsk Romsenter) to NRK. The sun controls the amount, strength and duration of the Northern Lights bursts we see in the sky. The sun works in cycles, and a solar cycle lasts for eleven years Best time to visit Norway and see the Norway Northern Lights? September- April. Other activities to enjoy in Tromso. Dog sledding; Snowmobile tours; Polar bear museum and in January there is the Northern Lights Festival - a music festival showcasing local and international artists ranging from classical to jazz! Getting to Troms Winter in Tromso has a great deal to offer. The dark period in Northern Norway is truly magical, when the sun is below the horizon it creates beautiful colours during daytime, and during the evening we are able to see the amazing Northern Lights- Aurora Borealis that can dance on the sky. Join us on an Arctic adventure you will never forget. TOP ACTIVITY IN TROMSØ, NORWAY This was a very well thought and executed event. I thank to Marek and Sam for all their fine touches, about the location, the nature of lights, and personalised touches. It was simply wonderful! I took this package as it includes everything plus phototaking too. If you don't have a good camera, want to enjoy and.

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Northern Lights Forecasts, Solar Wind Tools, News, Solar Activity and much more. Created by aurora chasers, for aurora chasers.. We are a free northern lights information service based in Scandinavia. We are run by volunteers who give a lot of free time to create and maintain this website to help people in Northern Europe see the Northern Lights. Unlike many other aurora websites, we are actually aurora watchers ourselves, and are regularly standing in a dark field in the middle of the night. The Northern Lights are caused when solar particles (those are particles given off by our sun) interact with natural elements in our atmosphere like oxygen and nitrogen. The bad green house gasses you're alluding to are things like carbon dioxide, methane, and different chlorofluorocarbons - these are not what create the Northern Lights There are many activities available here from skiing to dogsledding to snowmobiling. There are also tours available where you can participate in a number of different activities as you go searching for the Northern Lights in the evening. Saariselkä. Saariselkä is another popular tourist area located in the mountains of Finland. The Northern Lights can be seen from here up to 200 nights per.

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Crackling snow and clear night-time sky printed with green waves from the Northern Lights enjoyed from a sled being gently pulled by a reindeer. This genuine winter adventure is what we will do our best to give you on this tour Cruise through the Arctic fjords while watching the sky dance above you thanks to this wonderful Northern Lights sailing excursion in Tromsø! Pukka Travel is very passionate about the Northern Lights and will do everything they can to provide you with the most memorable experience while waiting for the sky to start dancing in the sky above you

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  1. The first thing you need to ensure you'll be able to see Northern Lights is darkness. Hence, winter is always considered the best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. Contradictory to common belief, the Northern Lights are always active, even though they're not visible to the naked eye. During the summer, they are obscured by the brightness of the sun! Therefore, Northern Lights are dancing over Iceland all year round, although only visible in the darkness following winter
  2. Northern Lights Activity Holiday at Malangen Resort Travel off the beaten track to the stunning Malangen Resort in Northern Norway, just one hour from the city of Tromso. Enjoy a four day active break programme with daytime and evening Arctic adventures whilst searching for the Aurora Borealis
  3. Enjoy a short holiday break in beautiful Norway! You can choose between a selection of: • Summer & winter Fjord holiday breaks as well as a n exotic Midnight sun break • Adventurous Northern Lights breaks as well as Ice hotel break, with exciting winter activities The tours are self-guided (not with a group), based on eco-friendly travel by public transpor
  4. These experiences are best for outdoor activities in Northern Norway: Northern Lights Adventure with Greenlander, 8 people max; Small Group Northern Lights Chase from Tromso a journey in search of the Northern Lights Ⓥ | Small group 8 max | Photography; Silent Whale Watching; Amazing Aurora Tour; See more outdoor activities in Northern.
  5. ute forecast of the location and intensity of the aurora. The forecast lead time is the time it takes for the solar wind to travel from the L1 observation point to Earth
  6. The Northern Lights are the result of solar activity that causes explosions on the sun to send charged particles flying toward Earth's atmosphere. Those particles are pulled toward the Earth's..

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Norway, Alta - The City of the Northern Lights Experience a winter wonderland tour in Norway with its wild nature and the beautiful Northern Lights. This exciting tour combines adrenaline fuelled activities with delicious food using local ingredients prepared by award winning chefs - a truly gastronomic experience you will remember Experience Norway's beautiful fjords, charming ports, and rare wildlife under the Midnight Sun or spectacular Northern Lights. Our daily departures take you on voyages where no other ships go. No matter the season, all cruises with Hurtigruten are thrilling adventures filled with amazing scenery and active friluftsliv experiences. These journeys are a treat for all your senses

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On a very basic level the northern lights are quite simple to explain. The lights come at night when the sky is dark. It's like a celestial ballet of light dancing across the night sky, with a colour palette (green, pink, violet) reminiscent of a really cool fashion show from the 1980s. To the locals in Northern Norway, the northern lights are a part of life. In this area the aurora borealis. Because the aurora borealis is dependent on solar activity, when there is a lot of solar activity, the Northern Lights are more frequent and displays are more intense. You can buy a telescope to help with viewing the lights, but generally they can be seen with the naked eye. There are a lot of other factors that influence when's the best time to see the Northern Lights but these are almost.

Northern Lights: is northern Norway the best place to viewNorway Northern Lights holiday, Senja IslandNorthern Lights (Aurora Borealis), 8-day Expedition aboardWinter Adventure in Lofoten - Norrøna Hvitserk Adventures

Unique places in Norway - find the best location to chase the Aurora or choose your wild camp spot for the night. Toggle navigation Arctic Campers Comfort Camper - Arctic Camper In northern Norway, northern lights activity is strongest between mid October to early April. Auroras can only be seen at night if the sky is clear and there is solar activity. Please note that sightings cannot be guaranteed. For more information about northern lights, please refer to the travel guide. SPRING TRAVEL IN NORWAY Larger towns like Lulea, Jokkmokk and Gallivare host various winter activities and Northern Lights are among them. In Lulea, people can head out into the surrounding Brando forests, far from the city light and noise to enjoy a night under nature's light Such a mischance is attributed to low sunspot activity. Nevertheless, you might still be the one to catch the aurora by its shining tail. When is the best time to see northern lights. The most suitable time to look for northern lights is winter when the skies are the darkest. On clear nights, you can see aurora borealis as early as in October. December is the month with more hours of darkness. The Best Places to See the Northern Lights Norway. As far as making your way north goes, you can't get much further north than Svalbard. This is a spit of land and ice tucked away far to the north of Norway next to Greenland in the Arctic Ocean. The Northern Lights make appearances here from November through February, though between mid-November to the end of January travelers can experience. The Northern Lights can be seen from regions both north and south of the auroral zone, but the likelihood decreases with distance. The city of Tromsø, in Northern Norway is located just below this belt, which means that even a low activity level will be seen as Northern Lights. Other destinations are Alta (in Norway), Kirkenes (in Norway.

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